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Is Purpose Oriented Worker Exist in Your Company?

If you think that a person who work for a cause and not obsessed by money or incentive is an oxymoron, think again. In fact, these people are really exist. Rather than work for money, what motivates them is what impact they can make at work. They focused at work, yet they find a way to make their work valuable and purposeful. They are called as purpose-oriented workers.
Purpose-oriented workers is a group of people who prioritized their value and purpose rather than money or status. If you think that they come for a non-profit or social sector, this traits varies in another jobs such as accountant, lawyer, consultant, even cleaning services also can be a purpose oriented workers. According to a research from Imperative and New York University, 28% of the American workforce is purpose oriented workers, which means 42 million out of 150 million total workforce and most of them comes from millennial generation!  Study also reveal that purpose oriented workers tend to be high performers among others and they will always open to any favor no matter who they are: boss, coworkers, other department, etc.
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Unfortunately, they are also less engaged workers while they are the most valuable assets of the company.  They contribute a lot to the company but HR people and management didn’t really care because many people think that money is the biggest motivator at work. If you find these kind of people in your company, you need to re-think the strategy to engage them before it’s too late. Company need to realize that there are so many things that motivates people at work rather than money.

PUBLISHED09 Feb 2016