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Is It Ok To Take Afternoon Nap at Work?

Taking afternoon nap at work may still be frowned upon as a sign of laziness. Yet recently, many companies have begun to let their employees to take brief afternoon naps. Even some of them have set a nap room to encourage its employees to take a brief nap even if it just several minutes. One of the employee who use the room frequently confess that a 20-minute nap is needed to regain focus and re-energize to be more productive for the rest of the day. The nap room is seen as one of the way to help employees balance the demands of work and personal life.
In the tech industry, napping has become increasingly popular where developers are often required to work long hours. But where company culture depends on creating a laid-back atmosphere in order to attract top talent and compete with companies who offer perks such as game rooms, lounges and incredible canteen. Google was among the first large tech companies to promote napping. The tech giant introduced energy pods, a reclining chairs that sit inside a large bubble and include built-in music producing soothing sounds and an alarm that wakes up nappers with lights and vibration.
Offering employees a space to catch a nap is now becoming a common traits for companies looking to position themselves as dynamic places to work. Although some of them still ban this policy, in the end they just let their employees to do anything outside working hours. Research shows that a power nap is more effective than caffeine.
Whether you need to gain a competitive edge, or even if you just feel like you’re not making the most of your day, power napping is right for you.
How long should you nap?
The goal of a power nap is to energizing and refreshing benefits of sleep in the least amount of time, mostly for 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the body to relaxation for the mind and body.
Get comfortable
A conducive place to napping is the one which is quiet and free from interruptions. If you sleep on a floor at work, keep a mat (such as yoga mat), and possibly a pillow and blanket, if that makes you more comfortable. Other tools to consider are such eye shades and slower music as your lullaby. Basically any place where you can put your head down, safe, and not causing distraction to others is supposed to be acceptable place to take power nap.
Wake up on time
Plan the length of your nap by set an alarm for your time to awake. Make this time as effective as possible.
Make it routine
If you don’t fall asleep right away in the first time you try to nap, you can train your body to be ready to sleep at the same time of day, for the same amount of time, in the same place. This continuous train will signal to your body that it’s the time to rest.
Don’t feel guilty
Although most of us know that napping is great for our health and productivity, yet sometimes we still feel as it just wasting time. This feeling of guilt is one of the bottleneck to do power nap. Make an effort to recognize that you’re not being lazy, instead napping will make you more productive and more alert after you wake up.
If you’d like to be more creative, productive and accomplished or if you’d just like to feel better and have more energy in the long working hours, your dedicated time to take power nap is worth a try.

PUBLISHED17 Feb 2016