Either you are working for big or small companies, both of them will surely need your responsibility. But sometimes, fresh graduates will get confused in which type of company to kick-start their career. This time, we are trying to gather some benefits that you will get for starting a career from big corporations. Even most of the professionals we know are suggesting that fresh graduates are strongly encourage to start their career in big corporations instead of start-up. Here is why.
Wide range of network. Big corporation usually have a wide range of network: various clients, business partner, supplier, or anything related to the core company. This would be your own advantages. Perhaps someday you will start your own business, but working in the big company would be one of your valuable experience in terms of interpersonal skill and potentially trailblazing your company’s growth. You will have more credentials, your business partner will trust you, and you will get access to wide network. Who knows someday your manager or coworkers will be your business partner?
Countless opportunity. Big corporation will give you various opportunities to the employees such as high quality of on job training, opportunity to fund your further degree, and most importantly career path. They will invest more to the human capital so that the employees will contribute more to the company.
Small corporations will value your experience. If one day you get bored of working with your current employers, don’t worry! Smaller companies will surely welcome you in order to help them grow. Therefore, smaller companies will always value your skills and experiences you get from working in big corporations.
A good place start to learn something new. Although you have to deal with countless workload, you will always have more advantages in learn something new that smaller company doesn’t have. You may sharpen your skills from other people who are more senior than you. Even you will have access to get direct mentor from them. They will train you to think critically, be it when you face your client or solve the problem. Every company is always looking for an individual who possess a good critical thinking. This is one of the things that could be your added value when you apply for the new job.
An opportunity to learn more than one skills. Big corporation usually offers rotation program across department. Hence, you will not only mastering one skill, but also to the new skill set that you haven’t learn before. This is the only thing that you can get in the big corporation.
So, are you interested to start your career in big corporations?

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